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Sustained delivery of low-dose anti-CTLA-4 by genetically engineered encapsulated cells drives tumor response and prolongs survival in a colorectal cancer model

Updated: Jan 13

AACR American Association for Cancer Research Orlando Florida Poster Grogg et al. 2023. iScience. Engineering a versatile and retrievable cell macroencapsulation device for the delivery of therapeutic proteins.

Julien Grogga,b,d*, Emily Charriera,b,d, Remi Verneta,b, Muriel Urwylera,b, Olivier Von Rohra,b, Valentin Saingiera,b, Fabien Courtouta,b, Aurélien Lathuilierec, Adrien Engela,b,d & Nicolas Macha, ba Department of Oncology, Geneva University Hospitals and Medical School, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland.b Centre for Translational Research in Onco-Hematology, Oncology Division, Geneva University Hospital and University of Geneva, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland. c Department of Rehabilitation and Geriatrics, University of Geneva, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland. d MaxiVAX SA, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

Release Tx_Maxivax_AACR-Poster
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